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Constitution of the NWOSU Art Society

Written 2004-2005

Constitution as Word Document

Article I.... Name
The name of the association shall be: The NWOSU Art Society of Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, Oklahoma.

Article II.... Purpose
The purpose of The NWOSU Art Society is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain an excellence in the field of art at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. The main goal of the NWOSU Art Society is to heighten awareness both on campus and in the community of the many cultural backgrounds and talents of the students, through which all will foster a synthesis of the appreciation, knowledge, and awareness of art in all styles and mediums.

Article III.... Membership
The NWOSU Art Society is open to all students and staff of NWOSU who exhibit a significant interest in the arts. All students who wish to become members must attend at least two club meetings, and actively participate in at least one club activity per semester. Members will be informed of all activities through meetings, email, telephone, or posted information.

Section I.... Admission of New Members
New members are welcome to join the club at any time during the year.

Section II.... Loss of Membership
Any member who fails to attend at least two meetings and one activity during the semester without presenting a valid reason for absence to the president or moderator will be automatically dropped from the club.

Article IV.... Officers
Officers for The NWOSU Art Society will be elected from a majority vote.

Section I.... Duties of Officers
A. The Club President will be responsible for the leadership of The NWOSU Art Society, and for representing the club at any campus required activities and meetings. The president will be in charge of coordinating trips, arrangements for guest speakers, and other arrangements that benefit the club.

B. The Vice President will be in charge of publicity and clearing all activities through Special Events. Also, if the President is unable to attend a meeting or event, the Vice President will be responsible for taking over these duties.

C. The Secretary will be responsible for taking minutes, recording all club sponsored events, and for distributing letters, fliers, and any type of information that pertains to the club.

D. The Treasurer of the Club will be responsible for keeping the current financial status of The NWOSU Art Society, which will include expenditures and incoming funds. Also, the Treasurer will plan programs that would involve the financial concerns of the club. At the end of each semester, it will be the treasurer's responsibility to provide to the President a financial statement from that semester.

E. The Moderator must be kept informed of all the club's activities. The moderator will be the liaison between faculty and the club members.

Section II.... Elections
Elections of officers shall take place during the last meeting of the spring semester.

Article V.... Meetings

Section I.... Meetings
Meetings of the Club will be held weekly each semester at a designated place and time.

Section II.... Special Meetings
Officers may call special meetings when deemed necessary provided it does not interfere with any other scheduled activity.

Article VI.... Special Events
In the event that there is a need to form a special group for an additional activity, all members should be willing to participate. The President may appoint members to be responsible for events as they occur.

Article VII.... Amendments
The Constitution may be amended by a majority vote.