Northwestern theatre students pose for mural re-creation

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Northwestern theatre students pose for mural re-creation

May 6, 2009

Woods County Courthouse mural paintingThis painting created by Lester Raymer will be used by R.E. Pierce for a re-creation mural to be on the Woods County Courthouse. Students from Northwestern Oklahoma State University were photographed by local photographer Jim Richey to re-create the painting.
 Firecracker Lady painting

Firecracker Lady photo

 Ashlynn Walker, Perryton, Texas, sophomore, is posing as one of the ladies in the mural. Walker was one of the students who participated in the photo shoot. Photo provided by Jim Richey.

Couple watching politician painting

Couple watching politician photo

Charlie Burns (left), Sayre junior, and Courtney Porter, Guthrie freshman, are caught listening to a politician speak during the painting recreation of a photo shoot by Jim Richey. Photo provided by Jim Richey.

Local photographer Jim Richey met with theatre students from Northwestern Oklahoma State University to recreate an original painting completed by the late Lester Raymer in 1940. Richey photographed students to catch their facial expressions and clothing, which will be used by Portland, Ore., artist R.E. Pierce when he recreates a mural for the Woods County Courthouse.

Pierce will be recreating the painting of the old courthouse before it was torn down in 1957. The painting depicts various activities happening on the downtown square in Alva. This mural, a project of the Alva Mural Society, will be painted on the west wall of the Courthouse later this fall.

“It is very likely the artist will use the student’s faces and bodies as reference for the mural,” Richey said. “It will be fun to see it all put together.”

Pierce prefers to work with photographic references Richey said. He will take the photos that Richey has taken and pair them with individuals from the original painting. By using Northwestern students’ facial expressions he can represent the characters in the painting.

Richey used Northwestern theatre students and younger children in Alva to complete the reenactment.

Raymer, a well-known artist, worked in Lindsborg, Kan. His Red Barn Studio is a popular tourist location in the town.