More than 50 photographers attend 'Picture My Weekend'

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More than 50 photographers attend 'Picture My Weekend'

August 3, 2012

 PMW 2012 Winners
(From left) Konya Martin, Karen Eckhardt, Laura Radford and Jeramie Heldermon took home first, second, third places and creativity awards from “Picture My Weekend,” an annual photography event in Alva.  Martin won with her photo “Kase of Heaven on Earth.”  Eckhardt received second with “Cowboy Down CRC Play Days,” and Radford placed third with her photo “Dirt and Sweat.”  Radford also won People’s Choice with “Hannah.” Heldermon won the “My Town” category with her creative perspective of the “Lone Wolf Post Office.”
 PMW Chamber Bucks Winners
“Picture My Weekend” participants were asked to creatively depict a new or progressive prospective of Alva.  Winners received Chamber Bucks and the winning photo will be featured on the 2013 Alva Chamber of Commerce Directory as the cover photo.  (From left) Konya Martin, Lydia Thompson and Erika Birk’s photos of Alva are in the running for the cover. 

Judges had difficult decisions to make while reviewing photos on display during Northwestern Creativity Project’s “Picture My Weekend.” More than 50 photographers came to the Runnymede Hotel in Alva for a day of photography workshops and brought photos for public viewing during the Photography Show last Friday and Saturday.

Five were awarded honors including first through third placements, People’s Choice and for the creativity of “My Town” photography. Those who registered were asked to submit a creative photo featuring the town in which they live. A list of placements, names, hometown and photo names are listed below:

• First place – Konya Martin, Carmen, “Kase of Heaven on Earth;”

• Second place – Karen Eckhardt, Cherokee, “Cowboy Down CRC Play Days;”

• Third place – Laura Radford, Alva, “Dirt and Sweat;”

• “My Town” photo winner – Jeramie Heldermon, Lone Wolf, “Lone Wolf Post Office;”

• People’s Choice – Radford, “Hannah.”

Participant Steven Thompson of Alva won an external jump drive, a door prize item donated by Lois Hudgins, committee member.

The photography assignment for the day was “Welcome to Alva.” Photographers were asked to take photos that positively showcase something new or progressive in Alva. Three photos were chosen in the running for the 2013 Alva Chamber of Directory cover photo. Martin, Lydia Thompson, Alva, and Erika Birk, Medicine Lodge, Kan., received Alva Chamber Bucks for their photos.

Members of the Northwestern Creativity Project planning committee for “Picture My Weekend” include Rod Murrow, retired dean of graduate studies; Angelia Case, instructional media technician; Erika Birk and Valarie Case, university relations specialists; Lois Hudgins, retired university relations specialist; Kathy Earnest, instructor of English; Kyle Haggard, 2003 alumnus; Marie Kadavy, Foundation communications and marketing manager; Ken Kelsey, adjunct instructor of history and fine arts; Andrew Lauffer, intercampus courier/ITV facilitator; and Brody Schmidt, local business owner.

“Picture My Weekend” is an event open to anyone interested in photography. Workshop sessions are designed for photographers of all ages and all skill levels. Held the last weekend in July, workshop participants are invited to participate in the photography show Friday evening. Similarly, photographers who show their work are expected to participate in the workshops.

For additional information about “Picture My Weekend,” contact Information also is available online at