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Core courses offered in the program will be taught by regular faculty at each participating institution with expertise in the content area. Courses taught by distance education will be taught by experienced and properly credentialed faculty who have undertaken instructional and course development training designed for electronic course delivery. Priority will be given to regular faculty for teaching in this program rather than adjunct faculty. Negotiations are underway to utilize some of the program funding to compensate a faculty member for the development of each of the core courses in an online format. Faculty from each participating institution will cooperate with faculty at other participating institutions to develop and teach the core courses. The institutional specific courses represent already existing courses and will be taught by faculty currently teaching those courses at each participating institution.

Support Resources

Essential student support services will be available for students participating in this degree program. Students enrolled in interactive electronic courses (videoconference) at off-campus locations and individuals enrolled in web-based courses will have the same accessibility to support resources as students enrolled on campus. These services will include online/fax access to applications for admissions, course registration, parking permits if needed at sites for videoconference or face-to-face classes, and student ID services. Academic advisement, in addition to being provided on the home campus, will also be available through email, telephone, or regular mail at other times as will the application for graduation. Students will be able to view academic records, verify/change personal data, and print class schedules through the institution’s web services.

Financial services will be accessible by telephone, through the home institution’s web site, by regular or email, or obtained from the appropriate financial services office at each participating home campus location. Purchase of textbooks will be available by toll-free telephone numbers, regular mail or email, or through the campus on-site delivery/purchase of textbooks.

Library and other appropriate learning resources will be available to all students enrolled in the program. Each participating institution has well developed university libraries with electronic access to a variety of learning resources as well as a physical book collection. A content management system has been proposed for this program in which library resources, instructional materials and content specific to this program, would be available through a shared file server accessible to all participating institutions.