Dr. Venkata Moorthy

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Dr. Venkata Moorthy

Dr. Venkata MoorthyProfessor of Biology
Phone: (580) 327-8565
Fax: (580) 327-8556
Office: SC 201C
E-Mail: vmmoorthy@nwosu.edu

Dr. Venkata Moorthy, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science (Botany, Zoology and Chemistry) from University of Mysore, India, a Master's Degree in Botany from University of Mysore, India, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Botany (Mycorrhizal Ecology) from The University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Moorthy taught Botany, Genetics, Plant Physiology, Plant Taxonomy, Microbiology, Ecology and Environmental Science for 10 years at St. Joseph's College, Bangalore, India.

Prior to coming to Northwestern in 1995, Dr. Moorthy taught Botany and related courses for 4 years at The University of Oklahoma.

Currently Dr. Moorthy is involved in full time teaching. His courses include Botany, Plant Physiology, Pathogenic Microbiology, Immunology, Ecology, Genetics and Microbiology. Dr. Moorthy's teaching philosophy includes inquiry instruction, improving students critical thinking skills and involving hands-on laboratory activities.

"Study without thinking is worthless; thinking without study is dangerous" -Confucius