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Division of Business Mission Statement

The Division of Business provides a quality, student-oriented learning environment to prepare students to be adept, ethical, fiscally responsible business professionals and leaders, not only in the workplace but also in their communities, contributing to the intellectual, cultural, and economic vitality of our world.

Division of Business Vision Statement

Northwestern Oklahoma State University Division of Business will continue to be a regional leader and recognized as a premiere business program. This will be accomplished by continuous improvement in curricula; recruiting, retaining and developing high quality faculty and staff; and providing real world examples to enhance student learning.

Division of Business Values Statement

The following nine Core Values guide the thinking, actions and governing processes of the Division of Business and its administrators, faculty, and staff:


Communication skills are vital to any competent, ethical business professional, entrepreneur or leader; therefore, the Division of Business values the development of communication skills.

Continuous Improvement

One key factor in the success of any organization is continuous improvement.  This accomplished through self-reflection, assessment, benchmarking, creativity, focus, strategic planning, critical thinking and willingness to change.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is essential to success in life, no matter how success is defined. The Division of Business encourages, develops and rewards students who demonstrate critical thinking skills.  Critical thinking includes elements of creativity, individuality, mutuality, ethical reasoning, initiative, problem-solving, and explaining/justifying positions.

Ethical Conduct

In order to develop ethical business professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders, the Division’s administrators, faculty and staff must conduct themselves in an ethical manner. 


The Division of Business is focused on providing the best possible education to the students majoring or minoring in Business disciplines or taking Division of Business classes.


Professionalism combines many values such as collegiality, integrity, self-discipline, collaborative attitude, initiative, stewardship and social responsible behavior.  In an academic environment shared governance is also part of professionalism.


As a student-centered teaching institution, scholarly activity is essential for faculty to remain current in their profession and to provide the highest quality education to our students.


The faculty of the Division of Business provides leadership and service to their university, division, profession and communities.


The faculty of the Division of Business values unconditional acknowledgment and acceptance of others as persons, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender or beliefs. Tolerance is the core value for diversity.