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Northwestern Oklahoma State University Athletic Mission Statement

Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s Intercollegiate Athletic Program, as an integral part of  the educational mission, is committed to a comprehensive athletics program dedicated to excellence.  The Athletic Department will serve to develop values of character, discipline, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, community, and integrity among its student-athletes and staff.


Academic Integrity and Leadership:  Dedication to the principles of academic excellence, the encouragement of degree completion, the development of the whole person, and support in securing a productive society for all student athletes.


Athletic Achievement:  Dedication to maximum athletic performance.


Fiscal Integrity:  Development and maintenance of fiscal integrity through efficient use of resources and practices to ensure control of accountability throughout the program.


Governance:  Compliance with Federal, State, University, NAIA, and Conference regulations.


Personal Development:  Attract and retain quality student-athletes and encourage them toward personal and professional growth.



Northwestern Oklahoma State University pursues its mission by focusing on the academic success of each athlete.  These sport programs are designed to increase support, visibility, and positive recognition for the University.