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  • Minutes - Oct. 4, 2011

    NAS Meeting Oct. 4, 2011 Attending: Kylea Copeland - vp, Dana Miller, Hanson Long, Erika Dorrell – treas, Megan Waters, Valarie, Brandice, Angelia. • Discussion of face painting at Oct.

  • Minutes - August 30, 2001

    Northwestern Art Society Meeting: 30 August 2011      - submitted by Secretary, Dalton Lamberth Upcoming Dates to Remember: September 13th – Deadline for homecoming door/sheet designs. September 13th – Deadline for Facepainting flier concepts. September 15th – Work on homecoming sheet/door • Red Book Account o $1,907.and change • Homecoming o Door Decorating: We will be decorating the door (both sides) in the Art Annex (Room 327).

  • Minutes, August 23, 2011

    Northwestern Art Society Meeting: 23 August 2011     --submitted by Secretary, Dalton Lamberth In the first meeting we discussed things we may possibly be doing for this semester: • Halloween: o Zombie Walk – Members would walk around dressed like zombies. This will be “Performance Art.” • Video Game Nights: o We will be having fun evenings where we would play games and study the art of video game making and discuss how video games are art. • Draw Days (Draw-a-thon)...