Michael Ruse Lecture "Darwinism and Creationism: Sibling Rivals?"

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Michael Ruse Lecture "Darwinism and Creationism: Sibling Rivals?"

Tue, March 26, 20137:00 PM

Location:  Alva Campus - Education Center 109

Dr. Ruse is the Lucyle T. Westmeister Professor of Philosophy and has been recognized internationally for his work in the philosophy of science and the interface between science and society.  He has published over 20 books on these subjects along with numerous papers in the field.  He also served as an expert witness in the court case Mclean vs. Arkansas Board of Education which determined balanced treatment of evolution and creationism was unconstitutional.  His talk will look at the new atheists and the creationists and suggest that they have more in common than they care to think.

Contact:  Dr. Aaron Place 580-327-8673 or ajplace@nwosu.edu

No admission charge.