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NWOSU-SOEA Member Benefits

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Cost to join SOEA

OEA/NEA Membership - $25

NWOSU Membership - $5


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Member dues pay for...

SOEA Fall Conference - $50 (free with membership)

SOEA Spring Conference - $50 (free with membership)

OEA Convention - $25 (free with membership)

Subscription to NEA Today - $25 (free with membership)

OEA/NEA Dues Rebate - $160 (max) refunded first year you teach and join OEA/NEA (which is the $160 that you paid in dues while you were in SOEA!)

Philanthropy work SOEA does throughout the year

Member Benefits...

  • We are a part of NEA (National Education Association) so we receive all their benefits.
  • OEA (Oklahoma Education Association) benefits, such as advocates or lawyers are available if needed.  Get a free will made, name changed, identity theft consultation, and many more!
  • Click n' Save: Program used to print coupons for food, clothes, hotel rooms, etc.
  • One Million Dollar Liability Insurance Policy
  • Discounts on insurance for home and auto
  • Professional Development
  • Networking

Networking with SOEA members Statewide!

  • Share with all SOEA chapters in the state during Conferences and Outreach to Teach!
  • Brain storm and share ideas with other chapters on different topics such as membership, fundraisers, etc!
  • Share classroom ideas, employment opportunities, and make numerous contacts!

Legislative Support...

  • Local and statewide OEA representatives fighting for teachers and our school systems at the State Capitol.
  • OEA members will lobby for our future jobs and other important aspects of the teaching profession.
  • You will be informed about what the legislative system is doing in our state with public education.

Professional Development...

  • Tools and workshops such as: True Colors, Special Education Training, FISH, and many more, to assist with the first year of teaching and upcoming teachers!


  • Jennifer George, President
  • April Swinnea-Ogg, Vice President of Communications
  • Dani Cushenbery, Vice President of Membership
  • Ashley Hutchcraft, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kim Ward, Historian
  • Carissa Hernandez, Historian

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