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Mass Communication - Minor

Degree Requirements

Students opting to work towards a non mass communications major can still complement their major choice by minoring in mass communications. It is an impressive minor to couple with many other majors. The following classes are required to complete a minor in mass communications.

MCOM 2113 News Reporting 3
MCOM 2123 Mass Communication 3
MCOM 2023 Media History 3
MCOM 2341 Print Media Practicum 1
MCOM 3531 Online Media Practicum 1
MCOM 3901 Television Practicum 1
Electives from prescribed list 8
Total Hours 20

Electives chosen from:

MCOM 2341 Print Media Practicum (Up to 4 times for credit)

MCOM 3302 Sports Reporting

MCOM 3312 Broadcast News

MCOM 3303 Introduction to Media Theories

MCOM 3521 Public Relations Practicum (Up to 2 times for credit)

MCOM 3531 Online Media Practicum (Up to 4 times for credit)

MCOM 3812 Photojournalism

MCOM 3833 Strategic Communication Writing

MCOM 3901 Television Practicum (Up to 4 times for credit)

MCOM 4123 Advanced Public Relations

MCOM 4422 Advanced Television Production

MCOM 4432 Introduction to Media Research

SCOM 2763 Voice and Phonetics

SCOM 3113 Advanced Speech Communication

SCOM 3123 Argumentation and Advocacy

SCOM 3613 Small Group Communication

MRKT 3413 Consumer Behavior

MRKT 4043 Salesmanship

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