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Mass Communication

The Bachelor of Science Program in Mass Communication enables students to reach their full potential through guidance, instruction and learning experiences in preparation for graduate studies and/or careers in communications and related fields. Our award-winning collegiate media allows students to prepare for careers in, but not limited to radio, television, newspaper, magazines, public relations, advertising, church media, corporate or government communication and politics.

Northwestern News: The student staff along with student writers and reporters, produce a weekly on-campus newspaper. For a college paper it has wide area of distribution and is a major source of news on Northwestern's campus. Our newspaper wins awards on a yearly basis from OCMA and SPJ.

NWTV Channel 7: The student staff, along with the student writers and reporters, produce a weekly newscast along with several other productions throughout the year, some of which are done "LIVE". Our television station wins awards yearly from SPJ and OBEA.

Click here to view NWTV's weekly newscasts.

KNSU Ranger Radio: Northwestern's campus radio station is completely operated by a student staff. KNSU broadcasts "LIVE" through cable Channel 7 in Alva. Work is currently being done to change that, and hopefully KNSU will soon be broadcasting over the air and into your stereo. Students also have the oppurtunity to do remotes through KNSU radio. KNSU has been honored for years for the award winning work produced by NWOSU students. The newest addition to Northwestern's student media platforms. takes multiple aspects of student work, from video and audio production, to print stories, and converges them onto our online platform. is completely operated by a student staff. 

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