Mason, Schmaltz co-author journal article on water politics

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Mason, Schmaltz co-author journal article on water politics

December 5, 2012

Dr. Aaron Mason, associate professor of political science, and Dr. Eric Schmaltz, associate professor of history at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, co-authored a recent article in the Oklahoma Political Science Association’s annual volume Oklahoma Politics.

The article, “Water Management and Conflicts in Oklahoma: Regulating and Competing for Limited Common Pool Resources,” concerns the policy challenges of managing Oklahoma’s precious natural water resources. Water politics will prove to be an increasingly critical political issue in the coming years, whether at the local, state, national or even international level.

Mason and Schmaltz collaborated with colleagues Dr. Tony Wohlers of Cameron University and Dr. John Wood at Rose State College.

Serving as co-directors of the NWOSU Institute for Citizenship Studies, Mason and Schmaltz invited Wohlers and Wood to be involved as editorial review board members with the Institute.

Mason and Schmaltz said they appreciated the opportunity to be involved in such an important and timely project.

They also underscored Wohlers’ vision and initiative in pushing ahead with this evolving study, which is anticipated to soon be developed further as an article in a leading academic journal in Great Britain.