Marvin Wiebener returning to Alva for book signing Saturday

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Marvin Wiebener returning to Alva for book signing Saturday

October 19, 2009

Former Northwestern Oklahoma State University student and Alva native Marvin Wiebener, will return to Alva on homecoming Saturday, Oct. 24, for a book signing for The Moriah Ruse. Wiebener was previously in Alva in 2007 signing his book, The Margin, which received a four-star rating from

He will be selling and signing pre-released copies at the Rialto Theatre on the north side of Alva’s Downtown Square from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Moriah Ruse is about CIA Director Margaret Winters and her complex task of providing the president of the United States with actionable information to keep Iran from wiping Israel off the map. What happens next is a grueling, dangerous, and heart-wrenching quest for intelligence that could cost lives but prevent a world war. With the lives of a patriotic few caught in a clandestine mission, those keeping us safe, people whose stories will likely never be told, face dire straits in hopes of preventing a war unlike any seen before. Hope teases all involved with the birth of a plan so incredible. It. Just. May. Work.

The Moriah Ruse will be released by Tate Publishing and Enterprises December 1st and made available after that date on line at, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Target. An advance copy can be purchased directly from the publisher at

Wiebener graduated from Alva High School in 1961. He spent some time in the Marine Corps before returning to Alva and marrying Nancy Egner in 1966. He graduated from Northwestern in 1969 and received a Master of Social Work degree from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. After Nancy passed away, he married his current wife Peggy. They reside in Thomas.