Martinez earns doctorate, publishes book

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Martinez earns doctorate, publishes book

April 14, 2009

Dr. Francisco MartinezDr. Francisco Martinez, assistant professor of Spanish at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, completed his dissertation to receive his doctorate in applied educational studies. Based on his dissertation, his book, “Learning and Teaching Styles of Theory of Flight Students,” was accepted for publication.

In his book, he provides more in depth research about ways to reach all student-learning styles. Martinez shows that when there is a match between students’ learning styles and the instructors’ teaching styles, it becomes very beneficial.

“After taking more psychology classes, I began research for my dissertation,” Martinez said. “I became very interested in students’ learning styles.”

Martinez learned through his research that students follow Kolb’s Learning Style Inventory (LSI). The cycle of learning begins with learning from feeling, watching and listening, thinking and doing. Through these aspects, researchers can determine how students learn.

While Martinez was studying for his doctorate at Oklahoma State University, he observed students who were taking a class at called Theory of Flight.

“Conducting this research determined if the instructors met the learning styles of the students,” Martinez said.

“If students are satisfied with the way an instructor teaches the class, then the instructor becomes an effective teacher, and this is the greatest challenge – becoming an effective teacher.”

Martinez found through his research that each class is made up of a variety of learning styles with ethnicity being a factor in how students learn. His research showed that students who have more student/teacher involvement are more willing to actively participate.
He believes that by having immediate feedback from instructors, students likely will become more involved in class. This feedback also will help instructors determine what changes are needed to help prepare students.

“It’s important for instructors to use different teaching styles to reach all students,” Martinez said. “By providing different instruction strategies, instructors will be able to meet those diverse needs.”

Martinez began his college career in his home country of Venezuela then came to the United States to earn his doctorate of education in applied educational studies from OSU.

Martinez began teaching at Northwestern in 2004 and currently resides in Alva with his family.

Contact Martinez with questions regarding to his book at (580) 327-8466 or