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LTI (Language Testing International)

LTI provides testing in many of the world’s languages. Northwestern offers the oral proficiency test, which is conducted by phone. For more information about the test or the languages which can be tested, see LTI’s website:

Description of Test

The Oral Proficiency Interview is a carefully structured, 20-30 minute telephone interview between a Certified Tester and a candidate. The interview is interactive and adaptive to the experiences and linguistic competence of the candidate, and it is digitally recorded. The recorded sample is then rated and an Official Certificate, stating the candidate's proficiency level, is issued to the candidate.


The cost is $139.00 for testing plus a $20.00 online proctor both fee payable to LTI upon registration.

Results & Credit

The candidate’s oral proficiency is rated on a scale ranging from Novice (Low, Mid, High) – Intermediate (Low, Mid, High) – Advanced (Low, Mid, High) – Superior. The candidate will receive a certificate of proficiency from LTI; Northwestern will also have access to this certification.

A proficiency level of “High Novice” or higher can be used to waive Northwestern’s foreign language requirement. However, proficiency on this test does not carry course credit; students will need to complete four hours of course work in other general education courses.

Application and Procedures for Testing

  • Register for the test on LTI's website:
  • When you register you will be required to pick three blocks of time for testing.
  • LTI will choose an hour from the times you list & send a confirmation email.
  • You will also pay for the test and online proctor when you register.
  • You will be required to have uninterrupted access to both a landline phone and a computer.
  • You are not required to test in any specific location, but the Academic Success Center will be made available upon request if the need arises.

For any questions please contact Matt Barnes.
Office: IE 113, Academic Success Center
Phone: (580)327-8149