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The quality of publications produced by Northwestern reflects upon the public perception of the institution and its programs. With that in mind, every effort should be made to ensure each publication is of the highest quality and conforms with general guidelines set forth by the University.

Publication Planning

When preparing a publication, please allow sufficient time for editorial production, proofing and printing. The Office of University Relations will assist with editorial production of publications. Please allow sufficient time (2-3 weeks) for this process. Staff availability and extra busy times of the year (beginning of school, homecoming, spring reunion) will affect editorial production time.

Once a draft of the publication is produced, it should be proofed by the appropriate faculty, staff and administration. The Office of University Relations should be included in the proofing process. Proofing will help eliminate errors that will be costly to correct later in the printing process.

Printing is the final step of the process. The Printing Services Office requires two weeks of production time for small projects (brochures, flyers, etc.) and three weeks for large projects (media guides, alumni magazines, schedules, etc.). Also keep in mind that some projects may be sent to commercial printers who are not as flexible in terms of meeting deadlines.

University Logos

Logos help present the Northwestern image – a sum of beliefs, ideas and impressions. In order to convey a unified and consistent image, use of the logos is controlled. For complete information on logo use, please consult with the Office of University Relations or use the guidelines presented on this page.

Mission Statement

The Northwestern mission statement should be used on most publications, including the University Catalog, class schedules, Fact Book, faculty handbook, staff handbook, student handbook, recruiting viewbook, all departmental and informational brochures and athletic media guides. Please consult with the Office of University Relations if you have questions about use of the mission statement on other publications.


____ 1. Plan production of publication, including editorial deadlines, proofing time and printing.

____ 2. Consult with Printing Services regarding printing options.

____ 3. Have publication proofed by appropriate personnel. Check for grammar, spelling, accuracy of information, use of logos and mission statement.

____ 4. Have publication proofed by Office of University Relations.

____ 5. Submit publication for printing.

University Standards for Logo Use

The Northwestern image – a sum of beliefs, ideas and impressions – is extremely important to the continued growth and development of Northwestern Oklahoma State University. In order to convey a unified and consistent image to our external constituents, only the following logos should be used on University documents, publications and websites. University Relations and Printing Services will not authorize any products that do not comply with these logo guidelines. In reproducing these logos, the following colors may be used: Black and Red (Pantone Matching System 186). The designated red for use in web sites is E31936. Other colors may be used for design purposes only with permission.

Electronic and printable versions of the logos are available for download by clicking here. The file sizes for these images are larger, so download time may take longer. The logos seen below are versions suitable for a web page.

To download the logos, right click on the logo and select “save-as” and it will save it on your computer in the location you chose.

NWOSU Herod Hall Tower logo

NWOSU Herod Hall Tower logo - long horizontal

These are the preferred logos for all Northwestern Oklahoma State University publications. The logo may be used with the Herod Hall tower on top or the longer version with the tower on the left. These logos are not to be altered in any way. These logos are availabe in color, all black, and all white. Printable versions of the logos are available here.

Northwestern Seal - black and white

The University Seal should be used sparingly and only on official university documents such as diplomas, transcripts, certificates, etc. Outdated versions of the seal incorporating Herod Hall and the Castle on the Hill should not be used. The graphic at left is a printable version. You can right click on it and choose 'save as" to save in a location you choose.

Ranger Horse and Ride logo -- print quality

The horse and rider logo is the official logo for Northwestern intercollegiate athletics. Please contact University Relations for uses other than for athletics.

For more information on the Northwestern Athletics Logo Style Guide visit


The logo at left is a print quality graphic.