Links for Spanish Teachers

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Links for Spanish Teachers



Links for Spanish Teachers and Students



Links to the Language Profession

 Oklahoma State Department of Education Title III web server
 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
 Oklahoma Foreign Language Teachers
 TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
 National Council for Languages and International Studies
 Indiana University Pretérito de indicativo
 University of Northern Iowa Professor Emeritus Dr. Jim Becker's Spanish resources
 Southern Methodist University
 Monmouth University Reflexiones
 Gale GroupFree resources in Spanish
 BBC Online interactive courses
 Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe A meeting place for teachers of ESL

Links to Spanish Grammar, Resources for Culture and Travel

 Foreign Languages for Travelers
 Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
 Ya Veras: Your Internet Starting Point to Learning Spanish
 Learn Spanish
 Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student
 Irregularidades Verbales
 Learn Spanish, an online tutorial
 Lingolex For Spanish-speaking learners of English
 Terra Es A Spanish search engine -- like Yahoo in U.S.
 University of Wisconsin - Madison Links to Spanish authors, cooking, comics, etc.
 Diario de Yucatán Information on Maya culture
 Spanish Resource for Spanish language, culture & people
 Encis Net Spanish foods
 Centro Virtual Cervantes The gateway to Hispanic culture on the Internet