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Larry Jantzen, Larry's Home Oxygen -- Proves Dreams Can Come True

Often times, dreams are elusive. Try as you might, you just can't seem to reach them. Not so with Larry's Home Oxygen. When Larry Jantzen decided in 1997 to start his own home medical equipment store, he immediately began planning and research necessary to make his dream a reality. He and his wife, Audrey, quickly signed up for the OSBDC/SCORE workshop "Do You Really Want to Open Your Own Business?" and set about building a network of advisors and consultants that could help them along the way.

"A lot of times, new business owners take the stance that they don't need anyone's help," according to long time SCORE chairman, Bob Wilcox. "That wasn't true of Larry and Audrey. They weren't afraid to ask questions, seek out assistance, or listen to counsel. I think that was our first clue that these people were going to be successful."

The company's service and care for their patients is undoubtedly one of their strongest qualities. "We deliver equipment to our patient's homes and instruct them or their family members in how to use it," says Jantzen. "We are on call 24 hours every day to assist patients and referral sources with new equipment set-ups or equipment usage issues or problems."

Larry's Home Oxygen provides all types of home medical equipment such as: oxygen, CPAPS, BliPAPS, Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, Lifts, Ramps, Manual Wheelchairs, Walking Aids, Bath Aids, Nebulizers, Aspirators, Hospital Beds and much, much more. "We strive to take care of all of your patient's medical equipment needs," says Jantzen. "We even added repair services for patients that already own a power wheelchair or scooter and simply need it fixed."

With customer service being one of their prime issues, the company accepts assignment from insurance companies on most of the equipment they sell. "That saves the patient from having to come up with the money for services in advance, and then wait for a long period of time to be reimbursed," notes Jantzen. "We will also work out payment plans for their co-pay portion or to purchase equipment that their insurance won't cover."

"Our clients are our business," recognizes Jantzen. "It is in our best interest to serve them well."

By all accounts it would appear that the company does just that. It has grown in a little over five years from a one-man operation to a staff of 12, which include eight full-time and two part-time employees in addition to the owners.

"This is truly amazing management team," says Bill Gregory, Regional Director of OSBDC, "They are constantly working to stay ahead of the curve, which is imperative in today's fast paced and competitive environment. It sets them apart from many of their peers."