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Student -- Kevin Kerr

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Student -- Kevin Kerr

Kevin KerrKevin Kerr
Conway Springs, Kan., senior
Mass Communications Major
Music Minor

Kevin is involved with Acacia Fraternity, designer and past editor for the Northwestern News, member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and Oklahoma Collegiate Press Association (OCPA) journalism groups, KNSU radio, NWTV channel 7, R-Unit pep club and currently works as an intern in the University Relations office. He also has been a member in Phi Delta Music Society, Band, Choir, University Chorale, University Singers and the theatre department.

Some of his favorite activities are participating in the student sections at basketball games.

“I love looking and acting crazy!,” Kevin said. “If it’s spontaneous and off the wall, then it is a direct reflection of who I really am!”

He also enjoys going to the football games and watching them from the tiers with his fraternity brothers and Bar-B-Qing with them.

“I love being able to go to a game and just relax with my brothers while watching the gridiron!”

I really hope to do something I enjoy for the rest of my life. The field of Mass Communications is so broad, and for the most part I love every aspect of it. It allows my creativity to really flourish, especially in the designing areas, and I really just want to be a part of something like that. I just want to be happy in what I do no matter what it is!

I have way too many… just come look at my movie collection!
T.V. show: NCIS (thanks to my room mate)
Color: Ranger Red
Book: my text books… of course!
Music: ROCK!!!
Artist: again… too many to count.
NWOSU class: Media Convergence with Mr. Satterfield. It was very pertinent to what direction this major is going in, and it really let me know what to expect for the future. 

What Does It Mean to be a Ranger?
 I’ve been a Ranger for six years now, and can’t see myself anywhere else. To be a Ranger is to be a leader. It is showing that you have pride in everything you do, everything you support and putting forth your best effort to achieve the best possible product. Being a Ranger is to be a part of a family. I’m proud to be a Ranger! RIDE, RANGERS, RIDE!!

Q: Short story about a favorite class and/or time/activity at Northwestern?
A: There are so many -- from hanging out with my Acacia Fraternity brothers, staying in the Newsroom until 3 a.m. Wednesday nights and being in the student section at ball games. I have fun everywhere here, and if I’m not, I usually try to make it fun. (whether I’m supposed to or not).

Q: What do you like best about going to school here?
A: I love that it is so easy to get involved here. At other universities you would never get to participate or be in a leadership role in your first couple years as a student. Here, you are almost expected to step up immediately, and I think that speaks a lot for the University and the number of quality leaders that Northwestern produces.

Q: What is the benefit of living in the dorm?
A: I lived in the dorm four of my six years here. I loved it! I knew everybody in my wing and then some. We were always goofing around in the hallways, having shindigs and halo parties in the suites, and we even invented a few new games such as computer chair jousting, hall ball, and mattress sliding, (of which I still hold the current record).

Q: What advice would you give to a future student trying to make a decision about what school to go to and why they should pick Northwestern?
A: I think that Northwestern offers something that no other university offers, a big league environment with the ability to be involved immediately. While I was in the Fine Arts department, I was always in the theatre productions and concerts. You wouldn’t get that chance at some larger universities. While in the Mass Communications department, I was chosen as editor of the Northwestern News after only one semester. You don’t get that immediate experience anywhere else.

Q: In your opinion, is being involved in on campus activities helpful or not to your success as a student?
A: Definitely! I’ve learned a lot here, and I’ve met a lot of people through our organizations and clubs. I’m a member of Acacia Fraternity, past member of the Ranger Band and Choir programs, I’ve been involved in the theatre department, I’ve worked at the campus newspaper, in the University Relations office, for KNSU radio and with the Channel 7 news team. Without all of these things, I would never learn how to balance myself. I now have connections that will last me forever, and it has allowed me to network all over the place. Who knows, someone I worked with at the Northwestern News might be able to land me a job in the future.