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Student - Kelli Krows

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Student - Kelli Krows

Kelli KrowsKelli Krows
Seiling Senior 
Math Education Major

For Seiling senior Kelli Krows, the education program is what attracted her to Northwestern, but being a Ranger was already in her blood. Both of her parents graduated from Northwestern.

A math education major, Kelli is a transfer student and a former member of the Lady Ranger basketball team. She is a Northwestern Scholar Ambassador (NSA), is a member of the the Baptist Student Union (BSU) and is a Ranger Connector in one of the university’s Ranger Connection classes for all freshmen.

“I’m in NSA because I love representing Northwestern, and it’s a great way to get involved in recruiting future Rangers and just being a face people come to recognize and come to for help when they need it,” Krows said.

Although she didn’t start her collegiate career at Northwestern, she decided it was a positive change.

“Transferring to Northwestern…I knew I would be getting the best education possible for my major,” Krows said.

Krows has been a leader in several capacities while attending Northwestern, including captain of the basketball team and holding several offices in NSA. She has done volunteer work with NSA and worked for the Upward Bound program.

“I take the responsibility of being a leader very seriously,” Krows said. “It is important to understand that people are always watching you, and in today’s society younger kids need a positive role model.”

Krows said that dorm life is a great way to make friends and meet people on campus.

”Living in the dorms means I can get up at three in the morning and run down the hall to my friend’s room and know she’ll be there for me,” Krows said. “Some of my best memories at Northwestern were made in the dorm.”

Krows credits Northwestern’s appeal to its small campus size and caring faculty and staff. Krows said the home-type feel at Northwestern means you’re not just a number, but it is also big enough that you can get involved and find your niche. She said that Northwestern has been great in providing her with financial aid and that thanks to that help, she won’t have to worry about having the financial responsibility of paying off student loans after graduation.

“You’re a name and a person that faculty cares about,” Krows said. “The students and faculty are what make Northwestern so special. I know my professors want the best for me…the people are great!

“I’m so proud to be graduating from a university that welcomed me with open arms and prepared me for the ‘real world’,” Krows said. “Earning a college degree is a great accomplishment; earning a degree from Northwestern makes it that much more special.”

What does “Being a Ranger” mean to you?
I love being a Ranger. I always tell my OSU buddies that we're twice as good as they are because we have the double barrel gun! Being a Ranger means that I'll always have a place to come back to that holds great memories. Being a Ranger is something I take pride in because of our great traditions and excellent education programs. I honestly never thought I'd end up graduating from NWOSU, but I'm so glad God brought me here and that I can forever be a proud representitive and supporter of this great university.

Kelli’s Favorite Things
Movie: Pride and Prejudice (the real six hour one)
TV show: Friends and/or I Love Lucy
Color: Purple
Book: The Bible
Type of Music: Christian and Country
Season: Fall
Drink: Chocolate Milk
Food: Chocolate or Mac and Cheese
Pet: Golden Retriever
Favorite Sport to Watch: football and basketball
Favorite toy as a child: This doll that could “eat” food
Favorite Day of the Year: Christmas
Favorite Inspirational Quote:
Isaiah 40:30-31 “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”
Favorite class or subject in and out of my major field of study, and why they’re my favorite:
Well, it's not a class, but I love lunch time in the cafeteria!! That's where all my friends and I can actually sit and relax and just have a good time. Plus when they're not looking, I take their desserts!!
I love cooking! Lifting weights and working out are always great, but smiling is my favorite! Laughing, singing, and eating are probably what I do best.

What do you like best about going to school at Northwestern?
The students and faculty are what make NWOSU so special! I know my professors want the best for me and challenge me to be the best. The friends you meet here are the ones who you'll be sitting next to on your porch when your 85 years old. The people are great! 
What did you like best about living in the dorm?
I have lived in the dorms for three years and loved most of it! Living in the dorms means I can get up at three in the morning and run down the hall to my friend's room and know she'll be there for me. Some of my best memories of NWOSU were made in the dorm. This past summer I moved off campus while taking my summer classes, and it's a nice break from dorms. I love having my own place because I can cook whenever I want (remember I really like to eat!).
Has financial aid, scholarships, campus job played any part in helping you attend Northwestern?
NWOSU has been great in providing me financial aid. I know had I gone to a bigger school, fifteen years from now I'd still be paying off my student loans. Thanks to all the scholarship opportunities NWOSU offers, I won't have to worry about having that extra financial responsibility.
Why should students choose Northwestern? NWOSU has a great home-type feel. It's small enough that you're not just a number, you're a name and a person faculty cares about. NWOSU is also big enough though that are a million ways to get involved and find your niche.