Staff Council Minutes 07-22-14

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Staff Council Minutes 07-22-14

Staff Council Committee

Minutes by Angie Henson, Secretary

July 22, 2014 @ 10:00 a.m.

Alva – IE 129; Enid – 220; Woodward – Conference Room


Call to order:  10:00 a.m.


Those in attendance:   Linda Phillips, Jason Ogg, Stephanie Widick , David Washington, Chauncey Durham, Haley Smith, Natalie Miller, Tiffany George, Angie Henson, and Rachel Stewart presiding.

Those absent:  Janessa Ruback & Erica Lane


1.        Review of New Officers/Members and Terms of Office: 

a.       The secretary’s position is a two-year term according to the bylaws of Staff Council, although, as of late, the secretaries have only been residing for a one year term.  When Angie Henson was nominated and accepted the position, she was unaware of the two-year term, but she will think about it.  It was suggested by Staff Council that the secretary remain a two-year term position due to the importance of the position, therefore it was requested that the position stay a two-year term.

b.      The Staff Council is a little heavy on the one year term members.  The idea is to stagger the terms to keep some continuity in membership.  Stephanie Widick has volunteered to move to a two-year term membership.  Angie Henson made a motion to change Stephanie’s status to a two-year term, Jason Ogg, seconded, all were in favor, motion stands. 

2.        New Staff Orientation:

a.       Scheduled for August 7th, 2014, beginning at 9 am in the Regent’s Conference Room – Herod Hall, 2nd floor

b.       Dr. Cunningham will not be available; Dr. David Pecha will welcome everyone.

c.       All Staff Council is encouraged to join in.  Please send Rachel an email and let her know if you’ll be attending so she has the appropriate number for lunch and seating.

d.      Lunch will be provided – Student Center - Wyatt Room

e.      Small group – we only have 10 new staff

f.        Dr. Pecha has requested another New Staff Orientation in the spring; the date was tabled.

g.       Rachel Stewart will request the van

h.      David Washington has volunteered to drive the van.

3.        Year in Review:

a.       Campus Events:

                                                               i.      Rachel has spoken with Dr. Pecha regarding a root beer float event for staff, and he has approved this.  Rachel will let us know when this will occur.

                                                             ii.      Discussed having another food drive in November and work with student groups. Staff Council will work in conjunction with the student groups.

                                                            iii.      Faculty/Staff Softball Game hard to get participation in an after-hours event.  Look at smaller items.

b.       Campus Clean Up Day:

                                                               i.      Regents will be on the Alva Campus September 18th and 19th.  Dr. Pecha requests we have a mini clean-up day in preparation for the event (preparing flower beds and some painting). Chauncey and Stephanie will get with Dr. McMillin regarding the Enid campus and the Woodward campus could use some help; their maintenance person is grounds/maintenance/custodial all in one.  Linda will present it to the Leadership Board on their first meeting and see if they could want to help out.

                                                             ii.      Our spring clean-up day is scheduled for April 22nd (Earth Day), 2015; rain day will be Thursday April 23rd, 2015.

4.        Old Business:

a.       Jean Fridays:  Dr. Pecha has not discussed this with Senior Administration as of yet, but it is on his list to do so.

b.      Campus Kudos: 

                                                               i.      Valarie Case was selected as our spring 2014 recipient.

                                                             ii.      An email will go out today regarding the nominations of summer 2014. Nominations are due by July 31st, 2014 at 4 PM.  Recipient will be notified the first week of August.

                                                            iii.      Rachel will send an email on November 2nd, 2014, with nominations due by November 16th, 2014 for the fall 2014.  Recipient will be notified the week of Thanksgiving.

5.       New Business:

a.        No new business

6.        Adjourn: 10:18 a.m.