Judging Criteria

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Competition and Judging

Scoring Percentages for State and Local Pageants

  • Interview 25%
  • Evening Wear 20%
  • On Stage Question 5%
  • Talent 35%
  • Swimsuit 15%

The Private Interview

  • A podium will be used
  • Interview begins immediately Interview continues until the 9 minutes and 30 seconds timing mark
  • 30 seconds to close this phase of competition
  • If discussion ends before the 30 seconds are up, then the interview ends

Swimsuit Competition

  • The Lifestyle and Fitness in swimsuit is designed to see how well the contestant maintains a lifestyle of good physical health, whether she meets the public expectation of a titleholder, and whether or not she has the confidence need to be a titleholder. The contestant’s drive, energy, and presence are to be likewise considered.
  • Swimsuit may be one or two piece

Talent Competition

  • The time limit for talent presentation is one minute and thirty seconds. Nothing longer will be accepted, and this will be strictly enforced! Contestants should plan a performance that will not exceed this limit.

Evening Wear Competition

  • The Evening Wear phase of competition is designed for the judge to assess the contestant’s beauty, poise, grace and commanding stage presence. The contestant’s total look is considered. Her evening wear (not the value of the evening wear) should complement the contestant’s individuality.