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Student - Jordan Lytle

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Student - Jordan Lytle

Jordan LytleJordan A. Lytle
Medicine Lodge, Kan., Senior 
Biology Major

While many may not know, Jordan not only owns his own custom harvesting business, but he does custom cattle work as well. He began his business with a 25 year old piece of machinery after his freshman year of college.

As he continues to update his machinery, he continues to study and complete his degree at Northwestern.

When asked who influenced him to choose Northwestern he said his mom.

“My mom graduated from Northwestern two years ago. Seeing her experience at Northwestern helped influence my decision,” he said.

Jordan believes that Northwestern is located in a nice, clean town and everybody knows each other and looks out for one another.

Being involved on campus is helpful to a student’s success in Jordan’s opinion.

“Being involved in activities allows you to meet all types of different people.”

Jordan obviously knows several people on campus -- he was selected by his peers as Ranger King during the 2007 Homecoming celebration.

When Jordan first began at Northwestern, he was a nursing major. After three years in the nursing program, he realized he needed a change.

“Change is a good thing. Don’t be afraid to change your major,” he said.


“I plan on getting my biology degree, then getting my masters and maybe my doctorate. I would like to maybe teach at Northwestern someday. I believe in hard work and living a simple life.”

Q: What do you like best about going to school here?
A: “The small town atmosphere. Northwestern is close to home and lets me pursue my farm and ranch career.”
Q: Short story about a favorite class and/or time at Northwestern?
A: “Ranger Connection, my freshman year. I’ll never forget the fun times we had and I made some life-long friends.”
Q: What on and/or off campus activities/events should a student not miss while attending Northwestern?
A: “Go to basketball and football games. Take a drive through the countryside; there is more out there than a person realizes.”
Q: Why choose Northwestern?
A: “At Northwestern, you are a treated as a person, not a number. Everyone looks out for each other. The student/teacher ratio is much better than a lot of colleges. Northwestern is a peaceful and relaxing place. The quality of education says it all!”

Movie: Blazing Saddles
TV Show: Scrubs
Color: Blue
Book: Haunted Mesa
Type of music/group/singer: Rock & Roll
Hobbies: fishing and hunting
Northwestern Class/Subject: Animal Science
“Cattle and the ranch life is my passion,” he said.

What does Being a Ranger mean to you?
“Being a Ranger means being part of the big family here at Northwestern!”