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Student -- Jordan Gaskill

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Student -- Jordan Gaskill

Jordan GaskillWaynoka, OK, Junior
Biology major

Jordan chose to continue her education at Northwestern because she received very good scholarships. "There are many scholarships available here which gives great (financial) opportunity," she said. She couldn't pass up the opportunity to be debt free after college.

Not only does Jordan love the one -on-one relationship between students and professors, but she also loves the family-like atmosphere that Northwestern provides. Being involved in campus activities has been very helpful to Jordan. There are so many different student activities and organizations who welcome everyone. "Being involved has given me the chance to step out of my comfort zone," Jordan said.

While attending Northwestern, Jordan has been a member of the Northwestern Lady Ranger basketball team. She is also active at the BSU and a SL/CE committee member.

When Jordan has free time, she enjoys playing basketball, singing, exercising, riding horses and playing with her nieces. When you see a Dodge truck driving around, it could be Jordan on her way to camp or to go fishing because she loves being outside!

Q: Short story about a favorite class and/or time at Northwestern?
A: "One activity I participated in at Northwestern was the Miss Northwestern pageant my freshman year. I ended up winning and participating in the Miss Oklahoma pageant. If I had not gone to Northwestern, I would have not had that opportunity."

Q: How have some of your classes have helped to develop who you are today?
A: "My classes at Northwestern have helped me choose a future. The professors have helped me make the best decisions for me. Some of the classes I have taken were difficult, but that has taught me to work even harder to make the 'A' I wanted. This hard work has helped me prepare for my future."

Q: What on and/or off campus activities/events should a student not miss while attending Northwestern?
A: "Students should not miss the wonderful athletic events here at Northwestern. It showcases the school spirit we have for each event. You should also never miss Bahama Breakaway. This gives the students one last fun event before finals week. I am a firm believer of being a part of my university."



“I’m very ambitious and if I want to do something, I go for it.  I am a very hardworking person with many goals.  I want to be Miss Oklahoma and I plan on competing in pageants until I accomplish that goal.  I also plan on attending physical therapy school and someday opening my own business.”

What Does Being a Ranger Mean to You?

 “Being a Ranger, to me, means pride.  It means so much to me to say I am a Ranger.  Northwestern is like family to me.  This university has treated me with so much respect and has supported me in all my endeavors, even if they were not connected to Northwestern.  I am proud to wear red and black!”


Movie:  Beaches

TV Show:  American Idol

Color:  Turquoise

Book:  The Five People You Will Meet in Heaven

Type of music/group/singer:  Aretha Franklin

Favorite class not in major:  Exercise Physiology -- “I enjoyed learning about how the body reacts to exercise.”