Volleyball Rules

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Volleyball Rules

- Must be enrolled in at least 6 hrs of undergrad or 5 hrs of grad (1/2 time student) each semester to be eligible to play

- There are 6 players on the court at one time.

- There must be at least 2 females on the court at one time.

- A female must touch the ball at least once unless a male returns the ball on the serve.

- Spiking is allowed. If the player is on the back row then the spike has to occur behind the 5 foot line.

- You have to rotate clockwise, even the setter.

- If the ball hits the net, but the ball still goes over then it is still in play, even on the serve.

- If you hit the net with any part of your body and the referee feels you have interfered with the flow of the game:

     a. the first time it is a warning

     b. the second time it will be a change of possession (downed ball)

- If you have to leave the game because of excessive warnings then that player has to sit out the next game his team plays.

- If you are suspended from a game for fighting you are also suspended for the season in that sport.

- Matches go to 23 points

- Team must win 2 out of 3 matches

     a. The scoring will be based on a rally point system

- Team must be 10 minutes early to sign in.

     a. The first game you play you must bring your student ID or you cannot play. There will be an official that will sign you in. After the first time you will just have to sign in, but you do not have to bring your ID.

- The schedule will not be changed in any way unless you give the Intramural Director 72 hours' notice, and if team does not show up then team will forfeit.

- There will be a fee assessed to the manager if team forfeits games.

     a. 1 forfeit – penalty is a warning

     b. 2 forfeits – penalty is a $20 fine

     c. 3 forfeits – penalty is another $20 fine

     d. 4 forfeits – penalty is another $20 fine

     e. 5 forfeits – team will not be allowed to play any more games for the duration of the season.

- Entry fee for team is $40. If your team captain attends the meeting your team will receive a $20 waiver. Your roster entry fee must be turned in before the first game. The entry fee will be paid at the Office of Student Services in F.A. 126. You can leave it with him or an assistant. If you do not pay you team fee your team will not play, and forfeit fees will be assessed.