Jump start fitness in Iron Man Challenge at Wellness Center

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Jump start fitness in Iron Man Challenge at Wellness Center

March 11, 2009

The J.R. Holder Wellness Center staff at Northwestern Oklahoma State University is encouraging those interested to participate in the Iron Man Triathlon Challenge in preparation for the Spring Triathlon on April 18.

The Iron Man Triathlon Challenge gives participants five weeks to complete 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles cycling and 26.2 miles running/walking. Participants are urged to sign up now and have until Monday, April 6, by 9 p.m., to complete these tasks.

“We encourage participants to use this challenge as a training incentive for the Spring Indoor Triathlon on April 18,” Shawna Copenhaver, Center director, said. “We also hope this is used as a motivation tool to reach personal goals to increase overall fitness.”

Mileage completion will be reported to the front desk following each work out. Participants are responsible for reporting all mileage. Indoor or outdoor mileage will count toward completion of the challenge. Participation in the Indoor Cycling Class on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 5:15 p.m., in the Wellness Center counts as 10 miles.

Participants may sign up at the front desk of the Center or by contacting Copenhaver at sacopenhaver@nwosu.edu or Lendi Gourley, assistant director, at ldgourley@nwosu.edu.