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Employee - Irala Magee

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Employee - Irala Magee

Irala MageeIrala Magee
Director of Financial Aid/Scholarships
1986 Bachelor of Science fron Northwestern
1991 Master of Education from Northwestern

Irala Magee grew up in Carmen, Okla., and lived there until 1996. She is a Christian and has been the wife of Steve for 32 years, the mother of two and the grandmother of two (so far). She runs about 20 miles a week and relaxes with Sudoku.

She enjoys being a part of a collective effort to improve the futures of the people who look to them for advice, guidance and education.

Q: What does being a Ranger mean to you?
A: I am proud of Northwestern: proud to be a graduate, proud to be an employee, proud of the work we do and what we accomplish here at Northwestern.

Color: Teal
Music: Classic Rock
Food: Coconut pie
Movie: Die Hard (all of them)
TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Actor/Actress: Dennis Quaid

Q: If you had a chance to tell a prospective student why they should choose Northwestern, what would you say? What would be your compelling short speech?
A: “Northwestern is a great value. You get a quality education at a reasonable cost with lots of opportunities to further reduce that cost with scholarships.”

Q: If you needed to describe Northwestern through the use of adjectives or phrases, what would you say?
A: Northwestern is a caring place with a dedicated faculty and staff who work hard to provide an excellent, well-rounded education to its students.

Irala says that her favorite thing about Northwestern is the feeling of contributing to the future of Northwest Oklahoma.

“I have happily made my professional career here at Northwestern. I have had opportunities to try different aspects of higher education employment here at Northwestern and have found that this school has excellent personal growth potential for staff as well as students.”