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The interview is your greatest opportunity to sell the skills and qualities you have to offer an employer. In an interview, the “winners” exhibit confidence and enthusiasm about the career opportunity. Through words and behavior, they demonstrate a desire to learn and a strong work ethic. The interviewer feels the successful candidates will be capable of doing the job with little training or supervision.


  • Before Interview
    • Research the position, employer and community
    • Plan your trip including parking location
    • Take cash and change for any tolls or fees you may encounter
    • Leave sufficient time to arrive 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled interview
    • Make all correspondence neat and error-free
    • Dress appropriately, unless an employer specifies in advance, opt for a very professional appearance
    • Arrive early, in a restroom, check your clothes, hair, hands, nails and face
    • Turn off your cell phone
    • Be polite and respectful to each person you meet
    • Greet people by name, give a firm handshake and if you do not catch the name, ask for it again
    • Introduce yourself to the receptionist and explain who you are as well as the purpose of the meeting
    • Smile, relax, be enthusiastic and eager about the opportunity to meet with the employer
    • Be yourself
  • During Interview
    • Lean slightly forward in your chair and make good eye contact throughout the interview
    • Eliminate repetitive, nervous behaviors, such as nail biting, knee jerking or foot wiggling
    • If your chair pivots, do not spin in it
    • Pay attention to the tone and volume of your voice and be aware of your facial expressions
    • Be prepared with a pen and portfolio to take notes when appropriate
    • Use the interviewer's name as often as possible, use Mr. or Ms. unless invited to use the first name
    • Express appreciations for the helpfulness and hospitality of those who greeted you
    • Do not rush to get down to business
    • Always follow the interviewers lead and avoid distractions
    • Take time to think through and formulate your answer, do not be afraid of momentary silence
    • Answer the questions directly and concisely, back up your assertions with concrete, real-life examples
    • Ask questions because it allows you to demonstrate a sincere interest in both the position and organization as well as to establish rapport with the interviewer and clarify any uncertainties

Mock Interviews

Career Services can arrange for a mock interview in which students can practice interviewing and recieve feedback on their performance.  We recommend that you dress as if you are interviewing with an employer.  

  • Mock Interview Appointment
    • You can schedule a Mock Interview Appointment by contacting Career Services at (580) 327-8606 or