Industrial Education Building

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Industrial Education Building

Industrial Education BuildingThe Industrial Education Building was built in 1956 at a cost of $128,875 and was dedicated May 18, 1957. It was officially named in honor of Stanley W. May, who headed the industrial education department from 1921 to 1956.

A major addition was made to the west, and the exterior was remodeled in 1981 at a cost of $380,412.

The Industrial Education (Technology) program was suspended during the 2000-2001 academic year. The last woodturning class to be taught in that building by Dr. Jerry Brownrigg was during the Fall 2006 semester.

In 2001 the Upholstery Room (IE131) was turned into an ITV studio to hold 72 people. The room was carpeted and repainted. TVs were hung from the ceiling at the front and back of the room . Student desks were added with microphones. An instructor console was placed at the front of the room.

The Academic Achievement Center was moved to this building in 2002. It was then renamed Academic Assistance Center, and then renamed to its current title, Academic Success Center.

ITV classroom in Industrial Education Building.In July of 2005, the JDA233 ITV studio was moved into the Electricity Lab in IE129. The room was carpeted, painted, insulated, and TVs were hung. Most of a closet on the west end of the room was removed to make the room bigger. Student desks with microphones were added along with an instructor console. 65” TVs from JDA233 were moved into IE131 since it was a larger room. The 36” TVs from IE131 were hung in IE129.

During the Summer 2007, Northwestern's Physical Plant employees turned the woodturning and metal shops, as well as the black and white photography classroom into working science labs and temporary classroom space while the Science Building was undergoing a major renovation. The Physical Education Building was being renovated at the same time.

In December of 2007, equipment in the IE129 studio was replaced with High Definition video conferencing equipment.

In December of 2008. Equipment in the IE131 studio was replaced with High Definition.

The ITV Coordinator's office moved from the Fine Arts Building to EC125 (old photography classroom) in Spring 2009.