Indian Creek Village

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Terry and Jenny Lewis, Indian Creek Village --Adding A Touch Of European Flair To NW Oklahoma

When Terry and Jenny Lewis first started talking about opening a winery in Northwest Oklahoma, a lot of people raised their eyebrows. Many of them were unaware that Oklahoma already boasts several wineries. And Jenny, a former Chamber Executive for the Fairview Chamber of Commerce, was aware of the importance of bringing tourism dollars to Northwest Oklahoma.

As Dr. Terry Lewis puts it, "we are located in a beautiful and interesting part of the state - - with the Gloss Mountains nearby and all of our rich history - - but the opportunities for tourism here are not always well utilized. We hope that our winery will help draw people in; that we can fill a small part of that vacuum. That is our ultimate goal!"

Citing a good business plan and a solid vision as their starting point, the husband and wife team approached local banks for funding and were successful.

"Actually the most difficult part of getting the business up and running was all the licensing requirements," says Lewis. "That was our major obstacle, with tax reporting our most difficult task. On the flip side, however, we found marketing to be relatively easy because of our unique niche."