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Neta Steinberg

Neta SteinbergDr. Neta Steinberg teaches history at Ort Kiryat Bialik College in Kiryat Bialik, Israel.  For nearly ten years she was a teaching fellow at the Department of General History at Haifa University, Israel. She teaches modern Russian history, but her main interest is education, religion and everyday life in the German Colonies in Russia until the First World War. Her doctoral thesis “The Education of German Colonists in South Russia 1764–1914” (in Hebrew) concerned the evolution of the education system in these colonies (Haifa University, 2000).

Some of her recent publications include “Hoffnungstal and the Separatist Congregations in South Russia,” in Religious Radicalism, ed. Meir Litvak and Ora Limor [in Hebrew] (Jerusalem: Zalman Shazar Center for Jewish History, 2007), pp. 267–300; and “From One Generation to the Next: Teachers and Teaching in the German Colonies in South Russia, 1804–1914,” Paedagogica Historica, 45:3 (June 2009): pp. 329–353.