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Kathleen O'Halleran

Kathleen O'HalleranKathleen O’Halleran serves as the Social Sciences Secondary Education Program Director and Instructor of Political Science, Geography and Sociology at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. She studied History of the American Southwest, Anthropology and Environmental History at Northern Arizona University, where she received highest scholarship honors; and completed degrees in Sustainability Education at Prescott College, where she is also presently ABD for her doctoral in this field. In 2009, she joined Prescott College’s list of Society’s Leaders for the 21st Century. O’Halleran is developing a new index for measuring Sustainability across environmental, economic and social dimensions, for the purposes of “poverty eradication, changing unsustainable patterns of production and consumption and protecting and managing the natural resource base of economic and social development” (United Nations, 2005). Current research efforts are aimed toward helping local communities build Sustainability post-crisis. Toward that end, she serves as a policy advisor and consultant on a national and an international scale in the field of Sustainability and Sustainable Education.

Recent research contributions and publications include: (1) The Columbia Group: Education in Emergencies and Post-Crisis Transition Programme, Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies: UNHCR, Geneva, Switzerland, 2010; (2) Achieving Sustainable Development. United Nations Development Group Report: Millennium Development Goals, United Nations ECOSOC/UNDP, 2008, Feb-Mar., New York, NY; (3) Conference Platform Presentation: Using Transformative Curricula and Assessment Tools to Foster and Measure Service Learning, Regional Conference on Service Learning, 2010, Langston University Langston, OK; (4) Arab & Muslim Countries: Profiles in Contrast, Brookings Institute, Pr, Washington, DC, ISBN 0967505224 (0-9675052-2-4), 2004; and 5) Kathleen O’Halleran, “Contemporary Social Pressures Facing American Indians” and “Housing Issues” (Two Chapters), in Jeff Ross, ed., American Indians at Risk (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO), forthcoming. She has also written on issues in the comparative history of civilizations and extensively on ancient Mesoamerica.