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Mario Carvajal

Mario CarvajalDr. Mario Carvajal was Professor of Political Science/Public Administration (retired) at the University of Costa Rica. His extensive involvement at the highest levels of the Costa Rican government provides a unique perspective of the realities of the process. The experience of Dr. Carvajal during the 1990s as Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Public Sector Reform illustrate many of the problems and benefits which have resulted from the International Monetary Fund in his country.

In the public sector, Dr. Carvajal has held positions as Ambassador of Costa Rica to the European Union, Minister of State Transformation, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Raising, Director of the National Park Foundation (1992-1994), National Legislator and Chair of Several Commissions, Minister of Exports and Investment, Presidential Advisor Minister in Cooperative Development, General Manager of the National Production Council, and Vice Minister of Economy, Industry and Trade.