Head soccer coach Kasey Mahaffey speaks at Kiwanis Club meeting

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Head soccer coach Kasey Mahaffey speaks at Kiwanis Club meeting

ALVA, Okla. - The Northwestern Oklahoma State University department of athletics is making strides to be more active in the community. Newly anointed head soccer coach Kasey Mahaffey did her part by speaking at the Kiwanis Club meeting Wednesday at Champs Restaurant in Alva.

“Speaking at the Kiwanis meeting was a great opportunity to get to know some of the people in Alva and help get them involved in our soccer program," Mahaffey said. "This is the first step toward our goal of reaching out and getting involved in the community. Interest and involvement inside the Alva community is very important to my girls and our program.”

The group had lunch before Mahaffey spoke for approximately 15 minutes about her life, past coaching experiences and her plan to lead the Northwestern soccer team. After she concluded speaking, she fielded questions from an excited group of Kiwanis Club members.

Mahaffey is the latest of the Ranger family members to be a guest speaker. Athletic director Andy Carter, head football coach Alan Hall, head rodeo coach Stockton Graves and head volleyball coach Fernanda Frey have all spoken during the school year.