Hardaway publishes article on black hockey players in Europe

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Hardaway publishes article on black hockey players in Europe

Northwestern Oklahoma State University professor of history Dr. Roger Hardaway has published an article in the current annual edition of “The Journal of Hockey Research” titled “Black Hockey Players in Europe.”

The journal is published by the Society for International Hockey Research, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“I’m very proud of this article for a variety of reasons,” Hardaway said. “For one thing, it is the 20th article I have had published in scholarly journals—and I consider that a milestone that few historians ever reach, but, more importantly, this particular article is a testament to the uses that historians can make of modern technology when conducting research.

“I was able to scour the Internet for statistics and other information about the many athletes I profiled in the article.  Almost all of my research was done on the computer. I also was able to get some information through the use of email.  In fact, three of the photos used in the article were emailed to me from athletic teams in Europe.”

Hardaway also explained that the article is important because it covers ground that has not been explored before.

“A handful of researchers, including me, have been compiling for several years information on ice hockey players of African descent, but no one has previously published anything on such players in Europe.  Most researchers have only discussed those athletes who have played in the National Hockey League (NHL).  I discuss a few of them in this article, but most of the players I examine never played in the NHL.”

Hardaway noted that the black population of several European countries is increasing constantly as the result of immigration from Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Once people move to a country, he explained, they and their children become acclimated to the local culture, including the sports that are popular. Consequently, the number of black hockey players is increasing steadily in Europe. 

“This is especially so in France, England and Sweden, but other European countries are also seeing more black players than before,” Hardaway said. “In addition, black athletes from North America quite often play for professional teams in Europe. This only adds to the extent that hockey is played on that continent by athletes of African descent.”

For more information on this article contact Hardaway at (580) 327-8520 or by email at rdhardaway@nwosu.edu.