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Office of Sponsored Programs

Welcome to the Office of Sponsored Programs on the campus of Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) promotes and facilitates scholarly activity at Northwestern Oklahoma State University by supporting and administering activities related to grant funded programs.

Mission of Sponsored Programs:

The primary mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is to provide support to the Northwestern Oklahoma State University community in the acquisition and administration of externally funded projects for research, teaching and service.  The Office of Sponsored Programs strives to ensure the responsible stewardship of research funding and oversees the submission of proposals and the negotiation and acceptance of awards with an atmosphere of professionalism and collaboration.

The major area of responsibility of this office is assisting the Principal Investigator (PI), author(s) of grant, in the preparation and submission of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreement proposals.  All grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements representing University obligations must be authorized through the Office of Sponsored Programs. In that regard, any NWOSU faculty or staff member requesting project funds from external sources must submit a Proposal Planning Sheet to the Office of Sponsored Programs before requesting such funds.  Funding opportunities, which can be found on this website, are regularly provided to the University community.  The Office of Sponsored Programs acts as a liaison between the granting agencies and the University, and reports to the Executive Vice President.  OSP also coordinates with the NWOSU Foundation on non-governmental grants.

The Office of Sponsored Programs supports the mission of Northwestern Oklahoma State University as our vision recognizes a community of learners that includes students, teachers, staff, administrators, and area citizens advancing learning excellence and preparing its members for service as leaders and entrepreneurs in the changing climate of northwest Oklahoma and the world.

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Office of Sponsored Programs
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