Graduate Committee

Graduate Committee

Dr. Shawn Holliday, Chair
Dr. James Bell
Dr. Cristina Gordon
Dr. Christee Jenlink
Dr. Aaron Mason (Arts and Sciences Member)
Dr. Christie Riley
Dr. Eric Schmaltz (Arts and Sciences Member)
Dr. Shelly Wells (DNP)
Student - Ali Gavitt (M.Ed. Rep)
Student - Alica Hall (AS Rep)
Student - Catherine Engelken (MCP Rep)

The Graduate Committee consists of the following members: The associate dean of the graduate studies (non-voting except in case of a tie), the dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, the dean of the School of Professional Studies, the chair of the education division, the chair of the psychology department, the director of teacher education, one (1) at-large faculty representative from the School of Arts and Sciences, one (1) at-large faculty representative from the School of Professional Studies, one (1) at-large faculty representative for American Studies, one (1) student representative from the Division of Education, one (1) student representative from the Department of Psychology, and one (1) student representative for American Studies.

At-large members shall serve four-year terms, with schools alternating elections in even-numbered years. At-large members must meet eligibility requirements for permanent graduate faculty appointment as outlined in the graduate catalog. Student members shall serve one-year terms, with annual elections within each department/division. Student representatives must be graduate students in good standing, making satisfactory progress toward a master’s degree.

The Graduate Committee has the primary responsibility for setting and achiev-ing advanced program goals, establishing policies, fixing respon¬sibility for program decision making, identifying and utilizing resources, and facilitating continuous development and improve¬ment of advanced programs. The specific duties of the Graduate Committee are:

(1) supervising matters pertain¬ing to the gradu¬ate program and the formulation of policy for the graduate program,

(2) formulating aims and objectives of the graduate program and the design and content of the graduate curricula,

(3) evaluating proposed requirements for programs submitted by the respective schools,

(4) formulating policies for admission and reten¬tion in the graduate program,

(5) formulating criteria and approval of faculty membership on the graduate faculty,

(6) formulating poli¬cies to provide quality control of courses, faculty, and physical resources relative to the graduate program,

(7) providing systematic and periodic opportunities for graduate students and the graduate faculty to evaluate the graduate program and to make recommendations for its further development,

(8) formulating and recommending policy on expanding and upgrading degree programs, discontinuance of degree programs, or limitation on enrollment in degree programs,

(9) long-range planning for the graduate program.

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Due to the confidential nature of the matters addressed within this committee, no minutes are posted publicly on this website. If you have questions concerning actions taken by this committee please contact the chair.