General Education Committee

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General Education Committee

Ms. Mindi Clark, Chair
Mr. Matt Adair
Dr. James Bell
Ms. Roxann Clark
Dr. Cristina Gordon
Dr. Bo Hannaford
Dr. David Hawkins
Dr. Kathryn Lane
Mr. Kyle Larson
Ms. Sheri Lahr
Dr. Tim Maharry
Ms. Jennifer Mahieu
Dr. Chandler Mead
Mr. Kirk Rogers
Ms. Brooke Taylor
Dr. Jason Wickham
Student - Natalie Sacket

The General Education Committee performs the following functions:

(1) Periodically review the mission and competencies of the general education program.

(2) Review and approve all curriculum changes in general education.

(3) Review assessment results for general education and make recommendations for any changes warranted by those results.

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