Freshman Housing Requirement at Northwestern Oklahoma State University
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Freshman Housing Requirement

All first time freshmen attending the Alva Campus are required to live in student housing for two academic semesters (only Fall and Spring semesters apply).

This policy is another building block in our freshman year experience program. Northwestern believes that this new program will increase student involvement and ensure the personal and academic, success of our students.

Northwestern's research consistently shows that freshmen residing on campus have higher GPAs than freshmen living off-campus. This research is consistent with the national research on freshman GPA's and retention rates.

Students may be granted an exemption from this policy for the following:

1. Students who are married or single parents with children

2.First time freshmen who are at least 21 years of age

3. Students who will be living with a parent or legal guardian

(Parent or legal guardian will need to schedule a meeting with the Director of Students/Housing by calling 580-327-8418)

4. Transfer students with more than 24 credit hours earned

(Concurrent hours taken during high school do not apply)

5. Students taking less than 9 credit hours

Students wishing to appeal the residency requirement should fill out the Freshman Exemption Form and provide relevant documentation to support your request. Exemption forms also can be obtained by contacting the Director of Students/Housing at 580-327-8418.