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NWOSU Rodeo Team Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are on the NWOSU Rodeo Team? 

The NWOSU Rodeo Team is one of the largest in the Central Plains region.  The number of team numbers vary from year to year.  There are four women and six men designated representatives of NWOSU for each NIRA rodeo whose points will count as NWOSU Rodeo Team points.  Those men and women may vary from rodeo to rodeo based on performance and regional point standings.  Students who are not on the designated team may still attend and compete at each NIRA rodeo.  As long as you maintain hours and grade point average and abide by team rules and requirements, you may be a member of the NWOSU Rodeo Team.

What are the admission requirements for NWOSU?

Information about the NWOSU admission requirements is available on the NWOSU website at

What types of degrees are available at NWOSU?

Over 40 degrees are offered at NWOSU.  For information about the opportunities available at NWOSU, visit

What types of scholarships are available?

Each prospective team members needs to complete a Rodeo Scholarship Application.  Rodeo scholarships may be available in varying amounts based on past rodeo accomplishments, academics, attitude, and dedication as well as G.P.A. and A.C.T. score.  You will have to complete a Rodeo Scholarship Application and visit with the coach to discuss scholarships that may be available for you.  Information about NWOSU tuition and fees and other NWOSU scholarships and financial aid is available at

Is travel provided for team members to each of the NIRA rodeos?

Each NWOSU Rodeo Team member is responsible for their own transportation to and from the NIRA rodeos as well as lodging accommodations.  Four women and six men will be awarded $75 each to be applied towards travel expenses for each of the ten rodeos. 

If I don’t make the designated team, can I still rodeo?

Only the points earned by the designated four women and six men will towards NWOSU Rodeo Team points at each of the rodeos; however, any NWOSU Rodeo Team member may compete at a rodeo.  The points earned by NWOSU students who are not on the designated team will just not count towards the NWOSU team total.  Any points earned by a student not on the designated NWOSU Rodeo Team will still count for that individual but just not for the team standings.

If I am not on the designated team, can I still go to the CNFR?

Yes.  Any points earned individually will count towards your individual CNFR qualification.  The CNFR takes the top three within each region in each event.

Are stalls provided to Rodeo Team members?

Currently stalls are not provided to team members or included in any scholarships. Team members may choose to rent stalls at the Woods County Fairgrounds for a fee.  There are also people in the Alva community who will lease runs or pens to Rodeo Team members for a fee.

What kind of grade average do I have to maintain to be eligible to rodeo?

If you cannot maintain your grades, you will not be allowed to rodeo.  You must enroll in at least 12 hours each semester, passing 9 hours while maintaining a 2.0 GPA.  After the fall and spring semester, you must pass a total of 24 credit hours to be eligible to rodeo.  For more information about NIRA membership requirements, visit

Will I be excused from class for rodeos?

It is each team member’s responsibility to notify instructors of absences due to NIRA rodeos as well as arrange to make up any missed work.  Each instructor has his/her own policy regarding absences.  Instructors will be notified of students who are a members of the Rodeo Team and the dates of the rodeos but it is up to each individual students to visit with each instructor about the classes that will be missed due to a NIRA rodeo.

Am I required to attend team meetings?

Team meetings are usually held once a week.  It is in the best interest of each team member to attend team meetings since that is when major announcements will take place.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, you should notify the coach in advance.