Fred Jungman named John Sheffield Teacher of the Year

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Fred Jungman named John Sheffield Teacher of the Year

May 27, 2011

 Dr. Fred Jungman
Recent Northwestern Oklahoma State University graduate and Student Government Association president Vince Lauderdale presented Dr. Fred Jungman (right) with the John Sheffield Teacher of the Year award during an annual ceremony.  Jungman is retiring from Northwestern this year, but will teach a few classes in the fall.

Since 1981, Dr. Fred Jungman, professor of economics at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, has served the university and its students in the areas of social sciences and business, and recently was named the John Sheffield Teacher of the Year.

Originally from Castroville, Texas, Jungman was raised on a farm 12 miles north of the town. His family farmed and ranched in the area, and he grew up wanting to become a ranch manager.

With this goal in mind, he attended Texas A&M to study agriculture animal science. Without job opportunities upon graduation, he went on to get his master’s. It was at Texas A&M that he got involved in teaching.

When the Vietnam War intervened, he completed the ROTC program, received 1st Lt. status and spent 10 months in the Vietnam War.

Upon returning from Vietnam, he married Wendy, a girl he had been dating before he left for the war, and started on his doctorate in agriculture economics.

When asked how he became interested in teaching he said he enjoyed the college and academic environment and that’s why he became a teacher.

When Jungman arrived in Alva in 1981, he considered this town the ideal setting for him and his family.

“I’m a small town person, not a big town person, and that’s the same for my wife,” Jungman said.

While teaching at Northwestern, Jungman has moved from the social science department to the Division of Business. He’s taught classes from Statistics, Intro to Macro and Micro Economics, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Marketing and Farm Management.

Jungman has been teaching at Northwestern for 30 years, and it is fitting that he receives the John Sheffield Teacher of the Year award as he enters retirement.

This award honors the memory and ideas of Sheffield, a former professor at Northwestern. The recipient must show a genuine enthusiasm for people, courage to give of himself to others and faith to trust in his honored profession.

“I think Dr. Jungman is the quality example of what a teacher should be,” Rachel Wilczek, Kingfisher senior, said.

“Not only has he cared about how his students do in class, he has developed an interest in what they do outside of school work as well. He has been completely devoted to what he does in the classroom, and it is obvious that he always spent extra time preparing.”

Jungman was surprised to receive this award as he had received it in 2006. He thought the 2006 win was enough and to win it again in 2011 was a really big surprise.

“It is a great honor to win it and receive recognition from the university,” Jungman said. “I never thought I would win it twice.”

“I just go in and do my job everyday in hopes to present the material where the students can grasp concepts.”

Wilczek said she has been impressed with Jungman since her first year at Northwestern when he chose to take the initiative to make her feel welcome in and out of class.

“Northwestern has been good to me,” Jungman said. “I am grateful for Northwestern for providing me income for 30 years.”

Jungman identifies with this institution. From contributing to the scholarship fund each year, to the meaning the students and the people give Northwestern, he said his heart is at Northwestern.

As he enters retirement, he compares this phase of his life to a blank marker board that he’ll need to write on.

“I really don’t know what I’m going to write now,” Jungman said. “I know I’m staying in Alva and will enjoy more free time.”

Retirement will be an adjustment for Jungman, but he plans to stay connected to Northwestern by teaching a few classes in the fall.

Jungman and his wife Wendy reside in Alva. They are the parents to Nicholas, Marcus, Gregory, Timothy and Katherine.