Summer Housing Application Contract

HOUSING: When you apply for University Housing, a $75.00 deposit is REQUIRED as a maintenance deposit and guarantee of contract completion. Please do not mail cash. The deposit must accompany this application. The deposit is not a down payment on rent, but will be applied to any damage to room, furnishings, or failure to comply with the housing contract caused directly or indirectly by applicant, or anyone in the applicant=s room Applicant may receive refund of $75.00 deposit when granted clearance from the residence hall supervisor upon completion of contract. Residents may move from the residence hall only upon approval of the housing committee as long as the terms of this agreement are not broken. Cancellations must be received the Friday before classes begin for a full refund of the deposit.
Actual room reservation and assignments are made on the basis of dated receipt of application and $75.00 deposit. The Housing Office cannot guarantee your first choice but will make every effort to honor your preference. The university reserves the right to place all students.
The hall resident is responsible for finding their own roommate during the summer.
*Prices listed below are subject to change.
READ ALL PROVISIONS BEFORE SIGNING. See terms and conditions below for rules and regulations. You are legally bound by these contract items. I understand and accept all terms and conditions listed on the front and back of this application form. I have read this contract and accept this plan for the full contract period and agree to pay the full amount for room and food service.

Student Information

Parent/ Guardian Information

Housing Information/ Preferences

RULES, REGULATIONS, AND TERMS OF CONTRACT 1. A deposit of $75.00 must accompany this application. The $75.00 is required as a maintenance deposit and guarantee of contract completion. 2.Contract: This contract for university lodging and meals is for an academic semester and is binding, unless canceled on or before the last Friday before classes begin. 3.Conditions: The University reserves the right to refund payments and to refuse assignment to any applicant, and to make all decisions as to room assignment. REQUESTS FOR CANCELLATION MUST BE MADE ON OR BEFORE THE FRIDAY PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES FOR THE TERMS IN WHICH HOUSING HAS BEEN REQUESTED. A student agrees as a condition of this contract to comply with all University and Housing rules, regulations, and policies, incorporated herein by reference, which are now in effect or that are amended, or enacted during the term of this contract. 4.Forfeiture: Housing contracts are binding for the entire contract period; and once you receive a hall assignment, you are obligated to live in University Housing for the entire contract period. Students who fail to fulfill their contracts are expected to pay for the full semester and forfeit their $75.00 deposit unless exceptions or adjustments are approved by the Housing Committee. The Housing Committee reserves the right to assess a $125.00 contract breakage fee for students who wish to break their contract and move off campus. 5.Late payments: A $25.00 late fee will be charged each time a room and board payment becomes ten working days past due. Residents who are habitually late or become more than one payment behind on room and board are subject to forfeiture of the $75.00 deposit, removal from residence hall, $100.00 contract breakage fee, and revocation of meal ticket. 6.Occupancy: Rooms must be vacated within 24 hours after the closing of the term. No deductions are made for weekend absences or holidays. Rooms can be occupied during official holidays. Students who may need to reside in one of the halls for a holiday or interim period must contact the Head Resident. HOLIDAYS ARE: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. 7.Care of Rooms: Students must furnish their own linen, towels, and take care of their laundry and cleaning. STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP THEIR ROOMS CLEAN AND IN GOOD CONDITION. Room inspection will occur at each dorms discretion. Rooms should be locked at all times when occupant is not in the room. Student=s property in residence halls and other university buildings is there at the whole risk of the owner, and the university is not responsible for loss or damage to such property from any cause. The University reserves the right to enter rooms for maintenance inspection or other valid reasons. 8.Special Guests:Arrangements must be make with the head resident to house a guest. The charge per night is $5.00. Guests may only stay a maximum of three consecutive nights. 9.Private rooms: Private room assignments are dependent upon space availability. The failure of Northwestern to assign a private room will not be considered as a basis for termination of this contract. Private rooms are assigned according to the date contract is receipted. 10.Housing Regulations: At the beginning and throughout the semester you must be in good standing with the University. The student agrees that residents, who by their actions consistently violate University and / or residence hall regulations, creates undue disturbances for other residents, or who unreasonably withhold their cooperation from other students and from the staff of the residence hall may be dismissed from the hall, and may, at the discretion of the Director of Students and / or Dean of Student Services, be recommended for dismissal from the University. 11.Payment Schedule: Payment for room may be made for the entire semester or in payments. Entire semester payment is made at the start of each semester.

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