Family Housing Agreement

This agreement entails Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU) to provide a semi-private housing waiver for one member living in university facilities.
The following is a set of guidelines to be followed in order for an individual to qualify for the Family Housing Agreement.
A. The same individual (parent/guardian) has the sole responsibility in providing financial support for both parties applying for this agreement.
B. There must be a minimum of two individuals from the same household living in University housing.
1.Family members do not have to live in the same dorm.
2.The agreement is for a semi-private room for one family member.
3.Private rooms may be acquired for an additional fee set by the University.
C. All students accepted in this agreement will be required to purchase a meal plan for the University Cafeteria.
D. All students living in University housing will be required to submit a housing contract and pay the $75.00 damage deposit.
E. All students will be required to pay any fees associated with the University housing.
We, the undersigned, understand the guidelines for the Family Housing Agreement and swear that we meet the aforementioned guidelines. We further understand in the event it is found these guidelines have been falsified on our part, we will accept the responsibility of any and all room costs normally levied by NWOSU.

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