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Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts BuildingBuilt in 1907 for $50,000, the Fine Arts Building is the oldest structure on the campus. It's original name was Science Hall. It housed not only the science departments, but also the teacher training program and other classes and services. It was the second building to be constructed on the campus, and at present is the oldest existing structure.

In 1938 the building was modernized. and was used by young people in the National Youth Administration program. During that period, the building was known briefly as Vinson Hall in honor of A.G. Vinson, dean of men, until a dormitory was named in his honor in 1939.

Extensive remodeling in 1947-49 virtually gutted the building to replace wooden construction with new steel girders and columns, concrete flooring and steel windows. Cost was $205,000. Facilities were created for an industrial education metals shop, a little theater, and the agriculture, home economics and music departments. The structure was renamed the Fine Arts Building at that time.

Another extensive remodeling was carried out in 1975 at a cost of $440,667. The interior o f the building was again redesigned and vertually replaced in that project for music, speech and computer departments and certain offices.

The Fine Arts Building was added to the national Register of Historical Places in 1983 because of its significance in architecture/engineering.

The building celebrated its 100th birthday with a party on March 6, 2007. A history of the building can be seen by clicking on the PDF created for the celebration.

Departments currently housed in the Fine Arts Building include Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, Office of Recruitment, Office of Student Retention, Americans with Disabilities (ADA) officer, Office of Veterans Affairs, Director of Housing, International Student Services, Director of Student Life and Counseling, Department of Fine Arts (Music and Theatre). More information on many of the student services available here is located at Student Services.

Fine Arts Building