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Financial Aid Office

Financial Aid

Even though the costs of attending Northwestern are among the lowest in the region, financing an education is a concern to most of our students.

We believe higher education is an investment which yields life long benefits. In order to make your educational investment more affordable, the university offers a first-class scholarship and enrollment incentive program, providing numerous awards that can be used to defray a wide range of university expenses. A list of scholarships available to students who qualify are located on the scholarships web page.

Most scholarships are awarded to students with strong academic records and/or demonstrated leadership capabilities. A number of performance scholarships are also given in areas such as music, speech, agriculture, and campus media. Recommendations for these awards usually come from university department heads. Athletic scholarships are awarded through the athletic department.

First-time freshmen and transfer students attending Northwestern-Alva on a full-time basis who establish a residence in the city may be eligible for additional financial assistance through a unique to Northwestern incentive program. Administered through the Financial Aid Office, this incentive program provides assistance for tuition, university housing and other school-related expenses.

Northwestern participates in a variety of federal financial aid programs, featuring non-repayable grants, on-campus work-study and various loans. A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form must be completed to be considered for a federal aid package. FAFSA forms are available from Northwestern or your high school counselor, and should be completed by March 1 for best consideration.

Financial Aid Staff

Rita Castleberry
Director of Financial Aid/Scholarships - Alva
 (580) 327-8540
Teresa Lloyd
Assistant Director of Financial Aid - Alva
 (580) 327-8106
Anne Haight
Scholarship Coordinator - Alva
 (580) 327-8541
Donna Herren
Loan Coordinator - Alva
 (580) 327-8164
Veronica Nelson
Financial Aid Assistant - Alva
 (580) 327-8542
Denna Perigo
Assistant Director of Financial Aid - Enid
 (580) 213-3107