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The social work major requires students to complete a 420 hour Field Experience (practicum). Upon completion or enrollment in the pre-requisite courses, students make application for the Field Experience course.  Admission to the Field Experience requires a review of academic performance and an assessment of the professional performance and ethical conduct of the student in the Social Work Program. Students who are deemed unprepared to assume responsibility for professional services to clients may be denied or delayed placement. The Field Experience is designed to be performed in a spring "block" practicum (420 hours) in the same setting. Students do have the option to begin the practicum during the spring semester and complete the hours during the summer session. Students in the Field Experience courses must secure professional liability insurance for the duration of the Field Experience. The insurance is available at a reasonable cost to students through the National Association of Social Workers.

Student Orientation to Field Seminar: September 8, 2016 12:30 PM CST

Applications are due: October 17, 2016  by 5:00 PM CST.

Field Experience Application

Field Experience Manual

 For more information contact Jennifer Pribble MSW, LCSW