Federal Compliance Committee

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Federal Compliance Section Committees

Assignment of Credits, Program Length, and Tuition
Sheri Lahr – Chair
Teri Warren
Rita Castleberry
Fawn Kingcade
Institutional Records and Student Complaints
Calleb Mosburg – Chair
Leah Haines
Janessa Ruback
Dr. Steve Lohmann
Publication of Transfer Policies
Carly Williams - Chair
Sheri Lahr
Teri Warren
Rebecca Hankins
Practices for verification of Student Identity
Jake Boedecker – Chair
Sharon McConkey
Sheri Lahr
Teri Warren
Title IV Program Responsibilities
Rita Castleberry – Chair
Calleb Mosburg
Mr. David Pecha
Required Information for Students and the Public
Debbie Skinner – Chair
Jake Boedecker
Advertising and Recruitment Materials and other Public Information
Steve Valencia – Chair
Carly Williams
Review of Student Outcome Data
Leah Haines – Chair
Dr. Mike Knedler
Dr. Bo Hannaford
Dr. Steve Lohmann
Division and Department Chairs – As Needed
Calleb Mosburg
Rebecca Hankins
Standing with State and other Accrediting Agencies
Dr. Steve Lohmann - Chair
Dr. Mike Knedler
Dr. Bo Hannaford
Dr. Steve Palmer
Dr. Beverly Warden
Dr. Shelly Wells
Dr. Kylene Rehder
Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment
Dr. Jesse Schroeder - Chair
Haley Smith