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Faculty Evaluation and Development Task Force

History & Development of FEAD

The Faculty Evaluation and Development (FEAD) Task Force was created in September 2002 with the purpose of reviewing the current faculty evaluation system at Northwestern and making appropriate revisions and changes.  Furthermore, the task force was charged with designing a faculty development program to serve as a resource for faculty improvement.  The underlining goal of the task force is to develop a comprehensive faculty evaluation and development system that is fair, useful for personnel decisions, and promotes improvement in quality of teaching, scholarly activity, and university service.

As a first step, the task force  reviewed the current evaluation system, noting its strengths and weaknesses,  and discussed alternative methods of evaluation.  Three members of the task force attended a workshop on faculty evaluation in St. Louis in October 2002.  This workshop provided information on developing a comprehensive evaluation system that was fair and useful.  Additional research was done as several task force members reviewed what other schools in Oklahoma use for faculty evaluation.  The task force decided to adopt an 8-step plan for developing a new evaluation system based on R.A. Arreola's book, Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System.  (John Wiley & Sons Publishing)  The task force felt this approach would provide a comprehensive evaluation system that could be adapted to support the mission and goals of Northwestern's faculty members. 

Faculty evaluation and faculty development should go hand-in-hand.  Thus, once the development of a new faculty evaluation system is complete, the FEAD task force will then focus on developing a faculty development program. The goal of such a program would be to provide faculty members with resources that will allow them to improve as teachers, scholars, and university employees. 

In 2008-09 the FEAD task force became a  faculty standing committee and makes recommendations to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  Additionally, the Faculty Development Advisory Board (FDAB) was created in 2005 as a faculty standing committee based on a recommendation from the FEAD task force. 

Original members of the Faculty Evaluation and Development Task Force:   Tammy Brown, James Bowen, Dean Scarbrough, Jim Yates, Mike Knedler, Cindy Pfeifer-Hill, Marsha Fear, Jennifer Bays, & Tim Maharry, chair.

FEAD meeting Agendas & Notes:

Faculty Input

Faculty input is essential to the development of a fair and comprehensive faculty evaluation system.  The faculty at Northwestern are encouraged to contact any members of the Faculty Evaluation and Development Task Force with suggestions, concerns, or comments about the ongoing process of developing a new faculty evaluation system for Northwestern.  Listed below are brief summaries of faculty input that has been gathered during the development of the evaluation process as well as information on conferences attended by members of the task force: