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Faculty Evaluation @ Northwestern

The Faculty Evaluation and Development (FEAD) Task Force was created in September 2002 with the purpose of reviewing the current faculty evaluation system at Northwestern and making appropriate revisions and changes.  Furthermore, the task force was charged with designing a faculty development program to serve as a resource for faculty improvement.  The underlining goal of the task force was to develop a comprehensive faculty evaluation and development system that is fair, useful for personnel decisions, and promotes improvement in quality of teaching, scholarly activity, and university service.  The new evaluation system was piloted in the spring of 2004 and fully implemented for all faculty in the fall 2004 semester.  

Faculty @ Northwestern are evaluated in 5 areas and specific weights for each area are determined by the individual faculty member.  Performance in these 5 areas is evaluated using 3 sources:  department chairs,  peer faculty members, and students via course evaluations.  The areas for evaluation and designated weight ranges are:   

            1) Teaching & Instruction  (40 - 75%)

            2) Professional Development  (5 - 25%)

            3) Scholarly Activity  (5 - 25%)

            4) Institutional Involvement  (5 - 25%)

            5) Community Service  (0 - 15%)